More and more people are realising an approach to wellness which treats not only the body, but the mind, soul & spirit as well. 


TEVITA HEALING strives to educate and empower you to live a balanced, healthy, aligned life; offering holistic therapies, tools, treatments and experiences that promote balance and harmony on all levels.

Holistic Therapies are a form of healing that consider the whole person - body, mind, soul, spirit and emotions, in order to bring about optimal health and wellness. We offer a variety of modalities to empower you to heal yourself and improve flow of your life force energy. 


For optimal wellbeing, we must honour our :


MIND - Mental and emotional health

BODY - Physical health & energetic balance

SOUL - Full acceptance of self. Aligning the intentions of our soul with our personality, in every moment of our lives.


In an era where we are often asked to do more, give more & be more, we are in desperate need of staying connected to our bodies, needs, emotions, desires & our authentic selves. When we become aware of an imbalance, we can make positive changes to avoid illness & pain and restore the body back to a state of homeostatis on all levels.


Every choice we make in our lives announces our future intentions and we have the power in every given moment to challenge and change our intentions and reset the compass of our life journey. When we experience an imbalance in body, mind, or soul it often means that we have slipped out of alignment. When we experience full body, mind, soul integration, we feel at peace... we trust our journey once more.