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TEVITA - means “beloved"


At TEVITA HEALING, we aim to empower young people to live to their full potential - despite any mental, emotional, physical or behavioral struggles they may face along their journey.


We are a team of trained professionals who have lived experiences of a diverse range of struggles. We understand how it feels to hit rock bottom and aim to provide messages of hope, healing + recovery. 

Through authentic connection, we strive to impact the lives of as many young Australians as possible, by providing the necessary tools, strategies + support to foster self-acceptance, self-worth and self-love.


We offer wide range of holistic wellness programs, workshops, events, retreats, education + trainings and are always looking for new ways to develop and expand.


We nurture and encourage mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health, personal development, creativity, adventure, authenticity and evolution.

We are not all followers, TEVITA HEALING is unique, because you are....  




- Online holistic wellness seminars + forums

- Free resources

- Holistic workshops, events + retreats

- Community wellness programs 

- Coachiing + Mentoring

- Education + Training

- Fundraising events










HOLLY created TEVITA HEALING after recognising a strong need for a more holistic approach to the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health needs of our youth.  Everyone's journey is unique and there is no 'one size fits all' approach to our individual 'wellness.' 

Holly has a long history of working with young people as a social worker, crisis worker, outreach worker, counsellor, health educator, energy healer, yoga, meditation + dance teacher. More importantly, Holly knows exactly how it feels to battle with depression, anxiety, addictions, trauma, physical  and emotional health issues.

Holly is very passionate about holistic healing modalities and has experienced first-hand, our ability to heal when we utilise the right tools and treatments .  Through healings and teachings, she aims to help people make positive changes in their lives and access their innate personal power.

Holly is a Holistic Therapist with a degree in Social Work & Arts. She is also a Trauma- Sensitive Therapist, Counsellor, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Energy Healer,  Health Educator and Dance Teacher.

Holly also offers a range of one-on-one healing sessions that take a 'mind-body-soul-spirit' approach. Her passion has always been working with youth.

Welcome to Tevita Healing x