Candlelit Yin Yoga & Meditation - Beginner Friendly

Monday October 14. 7:30 - 9pm

Liforce - Malvern.




Join Holly in a beginner friendly workshop to explore the deeply healing & nourishing practice of Yin Yoga, followed by a guided meditation to balance the body, mind & soul.

You will leave the session feeling relaxed, calm, with a renewed sense of connection to self & your energy.

The session will encourage you to:
- Release buiilt up stress.
- Tune in to your body.
- Recognise where you may be holding onto tension.
- Release tightness, knots & energetic blocks.
- Appreciate the importance of slow, deep breathing to promote healing.
- Improve flexibility in body and mind.

What is Yin Yoga?

Yin Yoga is a deeply meditative and calming form of yoga that is accessible to all. Poses are held for 2-5 minutes. The body and muscles remain completely relaxed, allowing for deep release into the connective tissue (fascia) muscles, ligaments and tendons.
Yin poses stimulate and remove blocks in the myofascial meridians in the body, balancing the body's internal organs and systems with improved chi/prana.

Yin Yoga can improve; flexibility, joint mobility, circulation, sleep quality, reduce stress and anxiety and instill an amazing sense of emotional and physiological lightness.

The workshop will include:

* A gentle yin yoga practice by candle-light, that is suitable for everybody.
* A guided meditation.
* Essential oils, binaural sounds & herbal teas

Date: Monday October 14.
Time: 7:30 - 9pm
Location: Liforce. 117 Station St, Malvern

What to bring:
* A pillow. Everything else will be provided.
* Wear comfortable clothing appropriate for movement

Investment & Bookings:
$ 25
This workshop is limited to 8 people.
Please contact Holly for bookings / further information. / 0404 203 957

About Holly:
Holly Uhlich is a Holistic Therapist (Counselor, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Health Educator, Reiki Master, Pellowah Energy Healer & Social Worker). For more information, visit: