We are always looking to meet inspiring, compassionate people who wish to offer their support, help create positive change + make a difference to lives within the community.

Whether it is working alongside us at a community event, fundraiser, workshop, sharing your story as a speaker, within promotions, advocacy, or mentoring... We would love to hear from you!

We are so grateful to everyone who volunteers their time to help us on our mission. Your contribution is so important + enables our programs to grow + enrich the lives of many. It is a team effort + we couldnt do this without you!

To volunteer with us, it is not imperative that you have a mental health qualification, but compassion + understanding is a must.

If you are a welfare/social work/community services student looking for a work placement - we would love to hear from you!

As Tevita Healing expands,we hope to provide more opporunities for further involvement within the organization.

To discuss, please contact us: tevitahealing@gmail.com